TIER III Data Center

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TIER III Data Center

The data center is built as per the internationally standardized Tier III specifications. The facility and its redundant infrastructure ensure an uptime of more than 99.982%. IBA data center colocation facility offers excellent opportunities to universities and banks who want to collocate there data center or DR site on rental space. Strategically located at the City Campus in the heart of the city, IBA Tier III Data Center is a state-of-the-art facility offering full fledged data center colocation facilities and a comprehensive suite of services designed to serve your business' need for reliability, security and scalability.

The fully integrated infrastructure utilizes Datacenter technology with state of the art precision cooling system. The equipment used is also energy efficient and consumes less power than conventional equipment. The integrated NMS monitors every aspect of the data center operations at a rack level like power, humidity, & temperature etc.